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MGL Caelum aspires to lead the development of Blockchain and AI technology in the mining and energy industries in order to fundamentally alter the operation of the commodity market and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future. We are developing the CAEL Commodity Trading Platform, which will be completely transparent, effective, and available to all parties.

MGL Caelum

MGL Caelum intends to construct a business complex with real mining and energy assets in addition to cutting-edge technology-supported solutions. Because it is the first multi-asset, blockchain-based infrastructure that makes the commodity market work in a big way, the CAEL Ecosystem is unique. We intend to carry out several related projects in order to guarantee the global success of the CAEL Commodity Trading Platform. A data center, industrial park, power plant, supply chain, crypto mining, and data center are among these endeavors.

CAEL Token

CAEL, a multi-purpose token, will serve as the decentralized medium of exchange between participants on the Cael Commodity Trading Platform. The introduction of CAEL is intended to provide members of the biological system that communicate without the use of mediators like unified outsider elements with a convenient and secure method of installment and settlement.

MGL Development

We hold 20% of the shares in the company MGL Development, which owns mineral resource deposits with an in-place value of more than $3 billion. This is the foundation upon which we are constructing the Mongolian high-tech industrial park. In addition, in order to meet the energy requirements of our projects, we will work with MGL Development to construct a 600 megawatt, emission-free coal-fired power plant.