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In order to radically modify the way the commodity market functions and assure a sustainable and prosperous future, MGL Caelum intends to take the lead in the development of Blockchain and AI technology in the mining and energy sectors. The CAEL Commodity Trading Platform, which we are creating, will be totally open, efficient, and accessible to all stakeholders.

MGL Caelum

MGL Caelum plans to build a business complex that combines cutting-edge technologically enabled solutions with real-world assets (RWA). The CAEL Ecosystem is distinct because it is the first multi-asset, blockchain-based infrastructure that significantly affects how the commodity market functions. In order to ensure the success of the CAEL Commodity Trading Platform on a worldwide scale, we plan to carry out a number of connected projects. These projects include a data center, an industrial park, a power plant, a supply chain, crypto mining, and more.

CAEL Token

On the Cael Commodity Trading Platform, players will use the multipurpose token CAEL as a decentralized medium of exchange. A practical and secure way of installment and settlement is expected to be made available by the introduction of CAEL to members of the biological system that communicate without the aid of intermediaries such unified external elements.

MGL Development

We own 20% of the equity in MGL Development, a company that has real world assets (RWA) with an in-place value of over $3 billion. This is the framework on which the Mongolian high-tech industrial park is being built. A 600 megawatt, emission-free coal-fired power station will be built in cooperation with MGL Development in order to address the energy needs of our projects.